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Enhance Your Business with GTEK Thermal Imaging Solutions

Infrared cameras detect heat signatures, equipment faults, and water leaks before they become costly – and dangerous. Check out our solutions for Electrical, Solar Power, Plumbing, Mining, and Transport.

GTEK Infrared are thermal imaging experts. We deliver certified training to help you get the most out of your camera. We help you to understand how your camera works and how to complete infrared thermographic surveys.

Check out GTEK’s full range of infrared thermal cameras. We specialise in Teledyne FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras. We also build custom solutions with our Infrared Camera Lenses and OEM Infrared Camera Cores.

Best Thermal Imaging Cameras in QLD and NT

GTEK specialises in Thermal Cameras, Infrared Camera Lenses, and custom builds using OEM Infrared Camera Cores, Components, and Thermal Imaging Sensors.

We supply thermal imaging solutions for Queensland and Northern Territory customers working in agriculture, maritime, mining, heavy vehicle transport, renewable energy, and research and development.

GTEK also supply thermal cameras for commercial and residential trades working in building maintenance, plumbing, electrical, solar power, and pest control.

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GTEK Infrared is the Authorised Premium Teledyne FLIR Partner for the Northern Territory and Queensland.

GTEK’s product range includes:

  • Handheld Thermography Cameras
  • Infrared Camera Lenses
    OEM Infrared Camera Cores for radiometric and other temperature measurements
  • OEM Camera Modules and Components for Customised OEM Applications

GTEK Infrared also delivers certified thermographic training to help our customers get out the most out of their cameras.

What Our Clients Say

Thermal Camera Finds Water Leaks

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In dealing with GTEK Infrared, both in service and training, I have found them to be of the highest calibre.

Grant from GTEK recommended the Teledyne FLIR E54 Thermal Camera and the FLIR MR60 Moisture Meter Pro. These tools help me to find and fix leaking drains and toilets, leaking bathrooms and showers, and other moisture detection issues.

After sales service and advice is excellent, Grant always returns calls. The Infrared Training I received from Grant was also delivered in a very professional manner, with a lot of hands on demonstrations.

I highly recommend anyone starting up in Thermal Imaging, or in the need of first class training to contact GTEK.

Chris Campbell – Infrared CQ
Yeppoon, Central Queensland

Switchboard Inspections IR Camera

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Our business, Fully Wired Electrical, needed a thermal imaging camera for our electrical switchboard surveys.

We found GTEK Infrared’s thermographic training through a referral. Grant is a fantastic teacher with years of knowledge in the industry.

As GTEK is a preferred supplier for Teledyne FLIR, we also bought a FLIR E86 Advanced Thermal Camera. One of the great advantages of being a customer of GTEK is the back up support from the team. If we have technical questions, they always help us out.

If you are thinking of getting into thermal imaging or need upskilling, I have no hesitations in referring Grant and his team. They are exceptional!

Jay Macgechan – Fully Wired Electrical Services
Brisbane, South East Queensland

GTEK Saves You Time and Money
with the Right Thermal Camera and Training

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Thermal Camera

  • Thermal cameras are lightweight
  • Thermographic scanners save you time and money
  • With GTEK thermal IR camera training, thermal images are easy to understand
  • Thermal cameras are ideal for residential and commercial building inspections
  • Find electrical faults and water leaks that cannot be seen with a standard camera
  • Uncover hidden issues such as termite infestation
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What are the Main Benefits of Buying a Thermal Camera?

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Thermal IR Imaging helps you find problems before they cause major damage. Regular inspections then allow you to track maintenance issues, reduce equipment failure, and avoid electrical fires.

Thermography scans are particularly useful for detecting irregularities in electrical wiring and switchboards and overheating in solar panels.

FLIR thermal scanning report

How Does An Infrared Thermography Camera Work?

Thermal imaging cameras detect and measure the heat or infrared energy emitted by objects and materials, people, and animals.

Thermal infrared cameras, also known as a thermal imagers, do not need natural light to capture an image. The infrared data is captured in a digital image that shows the surface temperatures of the object and its surroundings.

A thermal scanning report can then be created using Teledyne FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging Software.

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What Can Be Detected Through Thermography?

Thermal cameras were developed for the military and surveillance. The technology is now used for industrial and mechanical inspections, scientific research, fire fighting, and skin temperature and breast screening.

One of the most popular applications for thermal imaging cameras is in building inspections to detect moisture build up, and to detect cool air loss via breaks in roof insulation.

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