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Teledyne FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

The Thermal Studio Suite helps camera operators manage thousands of thermal images and videos captured by Teledyne FLIR’s optical gas imaging, acoustic imaging, unmanned aircraft system, and handheld thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal Studio Suite Benefits

  • Build professional inspection reports with over 100 images using customisable templates, overlays, and formulas
  • Use advanced tools such as Magic Wand and Batch Processing to fast track processing tasks
  • Record and edit MP4 thermal videos to enhance presentation of your thermographic surveys

Teledyne FLIR Thermal Studio Specifications

Supported Cameras:

All cameras that generate images in radiometric JPEG format including:

  • Teledyne FLIR A, B, C, K, T, E, GF, i, P6, and FLIR One series
  • Teledyne FLIR acoustic imaging cameras Si124, Si124-LD, Si124-PD

Software updates:
Report Templates:
Batch Processing:
Measurement Modes:
Colour Palettes:
Live Video:

Included with annual subscription
Unlimited custom templates
Polygon, Magic Wand, Delta, Spot, Box, Circle/Ellipse, Line
Available with radiometric recording

Teledyne FLIR Thermal Studio Subscriptions

The Thermal Studio Suite is offered in a range of annual subscriptions:

T300341 FLIR Thermal Studio Standard, 1 Year Subscription License Card

<insert description>

T300258 FLIR Thermal Studio Standard, Perpetual, License Card

<insert description>

T300243 FLIR Thermal Studio Pro, 1 Year Subscription, License Card

<insert description>

T300083 FLIR Thermal Studio Pro, Perpetual, License Card

<insert description>

FLIR thermal studio camera software

Teledyne FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging Software

The Teledyne FLIR One Pro, Cx Compact Series, Ex WiFI Series, EXX Advanced Series, and TG Test and Measurement thermal cameras all include Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) software.

FLIR MSX adds visible light details to thermal images. In effect, the thermal cameras have a second camera that captures visible light camera. Each time a picture is captured, both a thermal and a visible image are recorded.

The software extracts key visible elements such as high-contrast edge details and object outlines which are then added to the thermal image. This technology improves image definition and makes it easier to identify objects in the image.

MSX does not decrease thermal transparency or dilute the thermal image, unlike image fusing where visible light and thermal images are merged.

FLIR Si-Series Plugin for FLIR Thermal Studio

Teledyne FLIR Si-Series Plugin

The FLIR T300527 Si-Series Plugin allows you to easily import acoustic images from FLIR Si124, Si124-LD, and Si124-PD cameras to the FLIR Thermal Studio analysis and reporting software.

Edit and analyse images and create advanced reports. With the plugin you have support for automatic fault classification, severity indication and recommended action for utility inspections, and estimation of leak volume and cost savings for air leaks. You can combine the acoustic images with thermal imaging in the same report.

The FLIR Si-Series Plugin is available as a perpetual license and is compatible with all versions of FLIR Thermal Studio desktop software (Starter, Standard, and Pro).

Teledyne FLIR Route Creator Plugin

The Route Creator plug-in to Thermal Studio Pro allows camera operators to streamline inspection workflows and simplify reporting. This plugin allows users to create and download site inspection routes into a Teledyne FLIR T-Series cameras.

The route guides are a powerful tool that streamlines inspections of large sites with multiple assets. Thermal camera operators follow pre-planned inspection point so that data and images are consistently captured. Once the thermographic survey is complete, the results are then uploaded into the FLIR Thermal Studio Pro software for analysis and reporting.

The FLIR Route Creator Plugin is available in one year subscriptions:

T300244 Route Creator, 1 Year Subscription, License Card

<insert description>

T300439 Route Creator, Perpetual, License Card

<insert description>

Teledyne FLIR Tools and FLIR Tools+ are Discontinued

Teledyne FLIR Tools and FLIR Tools + are now discontinued so more folks will be looking for FLIR’s Thermal Studio as their software replacement for thermal imaging analysis and reporting.

GTEK Infrared supply software subscriptions and perpetual licences for Thermal Studio Standard and Thermal Studio Pro which is the software for report generation across the FLIR Product range. Contact us to get pricing on Thermal Studio to suit your needs.

FLIR Tools for Mobile Phones

While FLIR Tools and FLIR Tools + are discontinued for Windows PCs, the FLIR Tools app for smart phones and tablets is still available free from Google Play and the Apple Store.

Please note , if you are having trouble connecting your mobile phone to your camera it maybe because of an error that occurs in the connection if you are a Telstra customer. The fix is to open your Settings tool and turn the mobile data off in the FLIR Tools app. Call GTEK to find out more.