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Queensland Thermal Imaging Experts

GTEK Infrared is based in Brisbane and supports customers across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

We specialise in Teledyne FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras, Infrared Camera Lenses, and OEM Infrared Camera Cores, Modules, and Components. We also build custom IR camera solutions.

To help you get the best results with your thermal camera GTEK Infrared provides infrared thermography training.

GTEK Thermal Imaging Cameras

GTEK Infrared are experts in thermal imaging cameras. We specialise in solutions for:

  • Agriculture inspections and crop management
  • Livestock temperature and health inspections
  • Feral animal detection
  • Construction and building inspections
  • Heavy vehicle transport inspections
  • Renewable energy solar panel inspections
  • University research and development projects
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Thermal Imaging Cameras Australia

Thermal imaging systems detect the heat or infrared energy emitted by objects and materials, people, and animals.

Thermal imaging cameras allow operators to capture images in total darkness, in a wide range of weather conditions, and in challenging environments such as bush fires and smoke haze.

Check out GTEK’s thermal imaging solutions for Heavy Transport, Industry, Mining, Construction, and Property Maintenance.

Check out GTEK’s full range of thermal cameras, and our customised camera systems using OEM Infrared Camera Cores, Infrared Camera Lenses, and Sensors.

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Queensland and Northern Territory Teledyne FLIR Premium Partner

GTEK Infrared is the Authorised Premium Teledyne FLIR Partner for Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The GTEK product range includes:

  • Handheld Thermography Cameras
  • Infrared Camera Lenses
  • OEM Camera Modules and Components for Customised OEM Applications
  • OEM Infrared Camera Cores for radiometric temperature measurements and Non-Radiometric Measurements

GTEK’s Radiometric Core products can show the temperature and offers more features such as an Isotherm colour alarm.

What Our Queensland Customers Say

Thermal Camera Detects Solar Panel Fire Hazards

I needed a quick, easy way to detect solar panel faults and excessive heat in solar components. I chose GTEK Infrared because they are the leading experts in thermal imaging products and training.

My Teledyne FLIR One Pro Thermal Camera is a light, cost effective tool that I carry from site to site. I use my FLIR 1 Pro on rooftops without the concern of dropping or damaging a more expensive camera.

Adding thermography inspections to my existing solar panel cleaning and inspection services has also been an easy upsell. When I explain to my customers the fire hazards associated with solar panels short circuits and resistance, they are quick to order thermal scans.

My experience with GTEK has been very positive. What I really like about GTEK is their customer service. Grant really knows his products and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to thermal imaging. I sit and listen in awe as he shares his advice. You can`t put a price on that.

There are so many industries that could benefit from thermal imaging. I would highly recommend GTEK to anyone who would benefit from using a thermal camera.

Darren Needham – EcoKleenSolar
Strathpine, Brisbane

Our Brisbane Team

Grant Law - GTEK Director

Grant is a GTEK Director and manages sales, customer service, and infrared thermography training. He delivers practical solutions for customers because he has worked in many of the industries that GTEK now services.

With years of experience on electrical and mechanical systems, Grant a good understanding of customer applications across a wide variety of fields.

Grant provides thermal and infrared camera solutions for:

  • Plumbers detecting moisture and water leaks
  • Electricians isolating hot joints
  • Building inspectors assessing solar panels for extreme heat points
  • Air conditioning installers isolating energy and insulation resistance
  • Transport inspectors looking for electrical and mechanical faults
  • Pest inspectors searching for the thermal signatures from rats, termites, and other vermin; and
  • Universities researching native animal tracking, and horticultural climate change management

GTEK’s Radiometric Core products can show the temperature and offers more features such as an Isotherm colour alarm.

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Auto Electrical and Mining Experience

In a previous life, Grant was an auto electrician. In his first business, Grant Law Auto Electrician, he serviced commercial fishing boats and prawn trawlers in North Queensland.

Grant has also worked in the mining sector. At Mount Isa Mines Grant specialised in underground remote controlled machinery. He has also worked on heavy earthmoving equipment including Certified Caterpillar rebuilds, re-wires, breakdowns, and repairs.

Tracey Law - Accounts Manager

Tracey is the GTEK Infrared Accounts and Office Manager.

Tracey weaves her magic with accounts, office operations, and the warehouse so that Grant can focus on customer solutions and IR camera training.

Previously, Tracey was the Accounts and Office Manager for GTEK Auto Electrics.

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GTEK Saves You Time and Money
with the Right Thermal Camera and Training

Thermographic Imaging Qualifications

ITC Infrared Training Centre Instructor

Grant is a qualified thermographic imaging course instructor. He is authorised to train, educate, and certify professional users of thermal infrared cameras.

Grant delivers certified thermographic and infrared camera training to help people get out the most out of their IR cameras.

Grant gained his Instructor Level 1 and Category 2 Thermographer qualifications from the renowned ITC Infrared Training Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. These qualifications are ISO 18436-7 certified.

Thermography Training Partners

Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing

The Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing is a national certifying body in the qualification and certification of non-destructive testing personnel. This organisation facilitates and promotes non-destructive testing, research and development, and the application of NDT technology.

GTEK Infrared partners with the AINDT in the delivery of our thermography training. The AINDT provides testing and formal qualifications for students who have completed GTEK’s four day ITC Level 1 Thermography Course.

Professional Memberships

Australian Professional Thermography Association

Grant is a member of the Australian Professional Thermography Association. AUSPTA promotes the use of thermography in Australia industry including Electrical, Construction, Mining, Engineering, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, and in research and development.

Business Network International

Tracey is a member of BNI Inspire, a Business Network International chapter in North Brisbane. BNI is a leading business referral organisation with nearly 300,000 members in over 11,000 chapters worldwide.

Latest News

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