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Brisbane Thermal Camera Training

Thermal cameras are quite different from the point and shoot cameras that most people are used to.

Infrared thermography training helps you to understand how the camera works and how to complete successful infrared thermography surveys.

GTEK Infrared offers two training streams:

  • Entry level training – Infrared Camera Operation and IR Fundamentals Training Course
  • Advanced training – Certified ITC Level 1 Thermography Course

Classroom Learning

Flexible Learning

Distance Learning

Onsite Learning

Refresher Course

Maximise your Infrared Camera with Certified Training

Maximise your infrared camera investment with GTEK Infrared Certified Thermography Training.

Our four day training teaches you how to use infrared cameras for successful thermographic surveys.

Learn how to analyse thermal imagery to detect hot spots at different temperature spectrums. And then use this knowledge with practical solutions to monitor and fix the issues you find.

Benefits of GTEK Thermal Imaging Training

Skills learnt in GTEK’s thermal camera training can be applied in a range of industries:

  • Electrical surveys to detect high electrical resistance and loose and frayed wiring
  • Solar panel inspections to detect hot spots, damaged solar PV cells, and potential fire risks
  • Leak detection, moisture build up, and other plumbing issues
  • Building inspections during construction and follow up maintenance
  • Pest inspections to detect termites and other insect and rodent infestations
  • Mechanical engineering to detect excess heat, wear, and potential part failure
  • Heavy vehicle transport maintenance to ensure trucks are roadworthy
  • Crop monitoring to detect heat and moisture loss
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Upcoming GTEK Infrared Thermography Courses

GTEK can help you with all your Thermal Camera, Thermal Applications, and Thermographic Training needs.

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GTEK Infrared Camera Fundamentals Training

This entry level, half day training course covers IR fundamentals and camera operation with a good mix of practical and theory.

  • 20 March 2024 (Fully Booked)
  • 12 June 2024
  • 11 September 2024
  • 27 November 2024

GTEK ITC Level 1 Thermography Course

GTEK’s four day, certified thermographic training provides students with an introduction to thermal imaging and measurement systems.

  • 11 – 14 March 2024
  • 03 – 06 June 2024
  • 19 – 22 August 2024
  • 28 – 31 October 2024

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What Our Thermography Graduates Say

Thermal Cameras Keep Hot Connections in Check at QLD High Voltage Substations

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Substation Monitoring Queensland

Ergon Energy needed a thermal camera for accurate temperature readings of our high voltage substations and busbar connections.

Ergon monitors the electrical plant and busbar connections for hot connections where a higher resistance produces more heat. To improve workflow with our monitoring and reporting, I reached out to Grant from GTEK Infrared for thermography training for my Engineering Field Support Team.

GTEK was recommended by a colleague and Grant provided excellent training including extensive theory and practical hands-on scenarios.

What I liked about this training was the hard core thermography focus. It wasn’t a hard sell of products that I have experienced in other training and seminars. Grant is very knowledgeable and kept it interesting.

Following the GTEK training, the workflow has definitely improved due to the availability of competent thermographers in our team. The team uses a range of GTEK supplied cameras including the FLIR C3, T640, T840, and Duo Pro R thermal cameras, and the Si124-PD acoustic imaging camera. Customer confidence has also increased in the thermal scan results we provide them.

I would recommend GTEK Infrared’s thermographic training to all substation crews in Ergon, Energex, Powerlink, EQL, and Yurika. Even contractors and railway people. Anyone with a curious mind or in the line of work where thermography would be beneficial.

Phillip Gottke – Ergon Energy
Rockhampton, Central Queensland

GTEK Thermal Imaging Training Introduces Students to IR Cameras

Impakt Content Strategies at GTEK training course
Impakt filming a video promoting GTEK's IR Camera Training

GTEK’s half day infrared camera course was easy to follow and understand. Having practical exercises to accompany the theory is always appreciated.
Grant is passionate about thermal imaging, and he clearly presents the course information. If anyone needed further clarification Grant took the time to answer their questions and make sure they understood.
Grant also has a great personality and an extensive collection of puns that made the training entertaining and memorable!
I would highly recommend GTEK’s thermography training, it was great.

Anthony Molyneux – Creative Content Strategies
North Brisbane, Queensland

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GTEK Infrared Camera Operation and IR Fundamentals Training Course

GTEK’s introductory course is delivered in half day group sessions. This course is ideal for people interested in buying an IR camera who do not understand how the cameras work. The training is also useful for people who own an infrared camera but are not sure how to use it.

GTEK focusses on three areas to help you get the most out of your camera:

  • Fundamentals on how infrared thermographic cameras capture thermal energy
  • Advice on how to capture thermal images in the field; and
  • Analysis of the heat signatures recorded in the IR camera images

GTEK ITC Level 1 Thermography Course

Thermographic imaging qualifications are becoming a prerequisite for tenders offered by the Queensland Government, the Northern Territory Government, and local councils.

GTEK offers advanced training for professionals who want to become certified in thermography or need the qualification to work in their fields.

Our Level 1 ITC Thermography Course is aimed at both new and older infrared camera users. No experience in thermography is necessary!

This course offers an introduction to thermal imaging and measurement systems for predictive maintenance applications.

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What Will I Learn in the Thermography Course?

In the ITC Thermography Course you will learn how to:

  • Interpret thermograms
  • Make informed decisions using heat transfer concepts to analyse thermal images
  • Gain an overview on the latest infrared inspection report generation and database software
FLIR reporting software

GTEK Offers Infrared Thermography Courses
for All Skill Levels

Thermography Training Partners

GTEK Infrared partners with the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing in the delivery of our thermography training. 

The AINDT provides testing and formal qualifications for students who have completed GTEK’s four day ITC Level 1 Thermography Course.

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Will Thermal Imaging Training Save Me Money?

GTEK Infrared’s thermal imaging course will help you avoid costly mistakes. You will learn to distinguish between hotspots and reflections, direct vs. indirect readings, and qualitative vs. quantitative thermography

You will also be challenged with field applications that closely simulate real-world infrared applications.

People completing all training course requirements and a field assignment will receive an ITC Level I Infrared Thermography Certificate.

ITC Infrared Training Centre Instructor

Grant Law leads GTEK Infrared’s training program. Grant is a qualified infrared and thermal imaging course instructor. He trains, educates, and certifies professional users of thermal infrared systems.

Grant gained his ISO 18436-7 certified Instructor Level 1 and Category 2 Thermographer qualifications from the Infrared Training Centre (ITC) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Grant Law ITC Infrared Training Centre Instructor
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ISO Recognised Infrared Camera Training

GTEK Infrared provides Level 1 thermography training on behalf of the Infrared Training Center. Students wishing to further their training can do so direct with the ITC.

The ITC offer globally recognised infrared camera training that is delivered at the International Organization for Standardization ISO 18436-7. ISO is the world’s leading developer of international standards that are designed to be implemented worldwide.

ISO standards include requirements for:

  • State-of-the-art products, services and processes
  • Materials and systems
  • Good conformity assessment
  • Managerial and organisational practice
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Additional ITC Thermographic Training

Level I certification is the first of three levels of infrared training that the Infrared Training Centre offers.

Level I infrared thermographers are typically new to infrared thermographic diagnostics. However, this does not imply that they are entry-level condition monitoring technicians.

Many professionals with Level 1 qualifications have had years of experience in building and maintaining complex systems.

These professionals include electricians, plumbers, termite pest control, construction project managers, building inspectors, transport and heavy vehicle inspectors, and other occupations.

What are ASNT Standards?

The ISO standard is used rather than the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) standard. This is because the ASNT recommended practice document is used by employers to create written practice against which they are responsible to train, examine, and certify their own employees.

In contrast to the International Standards, the written practice developed is unique to a company and cannot be applied globally. Also, a valid certificate in accordance with SNT-TC-1A is issued by the employer rather than a training body.

ITC Complies with Global Training Standards

  • The ITC Quality management system complies with the SS-EN 9001:2000 standard (certificate 10244, issued 10 January 2006)
  • The ITC is an Accredited Training Organisation in conformance with BINDT BS EN ISO 9001:2000 (certificate issued 25 May 2006)
  • The ITC Level 1 course is validated against the BINDT requirements for the structured training of condition monitoring practices
  • ITC Sweden is an Approved Examination Centre for ISO 18436 Condition Monitoring qualification examinations (certificate 0021 issued 24 May 2006)
  • ITC Sweden is the exam deliverer and approval authority in conformance to ISO17024 for Det Norske Veritas Certification AS with specification ZNWNO 5-420-pers-TR-1 (15 March 2007)
  • ITC Business is operated, managed, and updated in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 18436 standards with normative reference to the ISO 17024 standard.