GTEK Thermal Camera Product Range

Enhance Your Business With Thermal Video and Image Solutions

GTEK Infrared’s thermal cameras range from our home handyman series that works with Apple and Android phones, through to advanced thermal imagers with viewfinders, WiFi, and changeable lenses. Our handheld cameras are perfect for Building Inspections, Electrical Inspections, Mining Condition Monitoring, and Research and Development.

GTEK’s test and measurement cameras and tools are designed for non-contact checks on fixed and mobile plant and equipment. We have Spot Cameras, IR Inspection Windows, Clamp Meters, Environmental Meters, Moisture Meters, Insulation Testers, Spot Thermometers, Voltage Testers, and other monitoring solutions.

GTEK Infrared’s powerful thermal night vision cameras help drivers see road hazards in total darkness. Our thermal cameras detect heat without the need for car head lights. Our all weather cameras provide visibility through smoke, dust, or fog. They also help heavy vehicle drivers avoid animal strikes that cause expensive damage and down time.

GTEK’s monocular cameras are designed for exploring the outdoors at night. Monocular cameras record still images and videos and enable you to see animals, people, and objects over 90m away. Our entry level pocket-sized camera is designed for lowlight conditions, while our advanced series are designed for harsh weather conditions, geotagged video, and rail and helmet mounting. GTEK also offers law enforcement and tactical awareness solutions.

GTEK can customise your thermal imaging system. We have a range of longwave infrared thermal camera cores and other camera blocks designed for automotive, maritime, firefighting, hunting, and military applications. We also offer detachable gimbal mounts, radiometric thermal sensors, thermal zoom lenses to record detailed radiometric temperature measurements, and a short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging module for electro-optical payloads, silicon inspection, and hyperspectral instrumentation.

GTEK offers a range of thermal imager accessories to help you stay longer in the field, and to protect your equipment.

Our accessories include pouch and hard transport cases, camera power supplies, spare batteries, battery and car chargers, USB-C to HDMI cables, memory cards, tripods, industrial protective lens windows, and tool belts.

GTEK’s drone thermal cameras and kits include Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) thermal imagers designed for building, solar panel, agriculture, and other thermographic surveys.

GTEK infrared cameras need lenses that are made out of germanium and other materials with low absorption in the infrared spectrum. These materials are opaque in the visible world but are nearly 100% transparent in the infrared. These properties make IR lenses perfect for capturing thermal images and thermal videos.

The Teledyne FLIR One Pro, Cx, Ex, EXX and TG thermal cameras include Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging software. FLIR MSX extracts elements from the visible light spectrum such as object outlines and high-contrast edges. These details are then added to the thermal image to improve image definition.

GTEK Infrared builds custom solutions for Mining, Transport, Agriculture, R&D and other applications. We work with you to design a system that suits your needs with our OEM Infrared Camera Cores, lenses, IR software and other tools. Our custom IR systems are robust, scalable, and can be easily used by your workforce. Call GTEK to find out more.

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