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Best Thermal Imaging Cameras Brisbane

GTEK Infrared specialises in Thermal Imaging Cameras, Infrared Camera Lenses, and OEM solutions including Infrared Camera Cores, Modules, and Components.

To help you get the best value out of your IR camera, we also deliver ISO certified Thermographic Training.

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GTEK Infrared is based in North Brisbane.

We support our customers in Brisbane, across Queensland, and the Northern Territory.



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GTEK Infrared Thermal Camera Solutions

GTEK offers off the shelf and custom built IR camera solutions for:

  • Pest inspectors searching for termites, possums, rats, and other vermin
  • Plumbers looking for water leaks and moisture build up
  • Electricians isolating hot spots with thermal camera IR electrical testing
  • Solar power thermal imaging inspections
  • Air conditioning installers isolating energy and insulation resistance
  • Transport inspectors looking for electrical and mechanical faults
  • Universities researching native animal tracking, and horticultural climate change management
thermal imaging termite inspection and pest control

GTEK Infrared’s Main Services

GTEK specialises in:

  • Handheld Thermography Cameras
  • Test and Measurement Cameras
  • Driving Visions Enhancement Cameras
  • Infrared Camera Lenses
  • OEM Infrared Camera Cores
  • OEM Modules and Components
  • Thermography Training

What Our Queensland and Northern Tertiary Customers Say

Thermal Imaging Gives Brisbane Pest Controller the Edge Over Creepy Crawlies

Brisbane thermal termite inspection

Sniper Termite and Pest Control needed a quick, a non-intrusive way to find termites, rats and other vermin inside walls and other hiding places.

Insect and rodent infestations are a serious problem in Queensland. We are continually called out to homes and offices to track down termites, wasps, bees, rats, and other pests.

GTEK Infrared recommended the FLIR E54 Thermal Camera as its perfect for detecting heat signatures. I use this IR camera to locate nests inside walls, floors, and ceilings.

The beauty of my thermal camera is that it’s a non-intrusive solution for pest controllers. I don’t have to remove walls and floors to find creepy crawlies, and I don’t need to use insecticides where they are not needed. My camera is particularly useful for thermal imaging termite inspections.

Grant from GTEK Infrared also gave me thermal camera training so that I can get the most out of my gear. Grant and the GTEK team offer great solutions for anyone serious about thermal cameras.

Tommy Kriel – Sniper Termite and Pest Control
Murrumba Downs, South-East Queensland

FREE Onsite Thermal Imaging Consultation

Meeting face to face with is the best way for GTEK Infrared to understand your business needs.

With advanced notice, GTEK can meet you on site. We can then run thermal images tests with our hand held thermal cameras. Or we can design a custom OEM solution for you.

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Latest FLIR Deals If you are looking for a good deal on a new thermal infrared camera, GTEK Infrared is offering a range of FLIR camera and lens packages until the end of the financial year. These packages are for the: GTEK Infrared Fundamentals Training GTEK Infrared’s thermography training teaches you how to use thermal cameras for

Dark coloured roofs captured by FLIR thermal camera

The Sizzling Impact of Dark Roofs and Urban Heat Islands

Dark roofs are popular in Australian urban areas but they come with a catch. Dark coloured materials absorb and retain a substantial amount of heat, increasing local temperatures, and fostering urban heat islands. Understanding the impacts of dark roofs on urban heat is crucial for developing sustainable solutions to mitigate their effects and building resilient cities. The