FLIR Tau 2 Infrared Thermal Camera Module


    Deployed in products worldwide requiring radiometry and analytics.


    Advanced electronics and image processing provide clearer imagery, edge sharpening, and contrast.


    Shared interface and access to US-based Technical Services team reduce development risk and shorten time to market.


Made in the USA, the Tau 2 OEM thermal imaging camera modukle offers an unmatched combination of features and reliability. These thermal cameras are well-suited for demanding applications including unmanned vehicles, thermal sights, and handheld imagers.

The Tau 2 LWIR Camera Module’s improved electronics deliver larger image processing modes with greater detail and contrast through continuous histogram equalisation.

All Tau 2 configurations share electrical, mechanical, and optical interfaces allowing integrations to work seamlessly with all formats. The camera is available in commercial, performance, and industrial variants, each with unique sensitivity and pixel operability thresholds to meet operational requirements.

Radiometry is an optional feature for Performance-grade cameras, and a standard feature with Industrial-grade. This feature is available in every pixel in the 640 × 512 and 336 × 256 resolutions.

Advanced Image Processing And Feature Set

Advanced electronics and image processing provide clearer imagery, edge sharpening, and contrast

  • 640 and 336 resolutions
  • Advanced Detail Enhancement (ADE)
  • Information Based HEQ automatically adjusts AGC


Reliable Performance With Accurate Temperature Measurement

Deployed in products worldwide requiring radiometry and analytics

  • Radiometry available in performance and industrial grades
  • Adjustable isotherm thresholds colorised temperatures of interest
  • Comprehensive product documentation


FLIR Tau 336 Series Camera Options

Part NumberLensResVersionFOVEFLRateGrade
46336001N-FCNLXNo Lens336Tau 2.8FastC
46336001X-FINLXNo Lens336Tau 2.8FastI
46336001X-FPNLXNo Lens336Tau 2.8FastP
46336001X-SPNLXNo Lens336Tau 2.8SlowP
46336001X-FRNLXNo Lens336Tau 2.8FastR
46336001X-SRNLXNo Lens336Tau 2.8SlowR
46336006H-FPNLXWide336Tau 2.846°x 36°6.8mmFastP
46336006H-FRNLXWide336Tau 2.846°x 36°6.8mmFastR
46336006H-SPNLXWide336Tau 2.846°x 36°6.8mmSlowP
46336006H-SRNLXWide336Tau 2.846°x 36°6.8mmSlowR
46336007H-FCNLXWide336Tau 2.845°x 35°7.5mmFastC
46336007H-FINLXWide336Tau 2.845°x 35°7.5mmFastI
46336007H-FPNLXWide336Tau 2.845°x 35°7.5mmFastP
46336007H-FRNLXWide336Tau 2.845°x 35°7.5mmFastR
46336007H-SCNLXWide336Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmSlowC
46336007H-SINLXWide336Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmSlowI
46336007H-SPNLXWide336Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmSlowP
46336007H-SRNLXWide336Tau 2.845°x 35°7.5mmSlowR
46336009H-FCNLXWide336Tau 2.835°x 27°9mmFastC
46336009H-FINLXWide336Tau 2.835°x 27°9mmFastI
46336009H-FPNLXWide336Tau 2.835°x 27°9mmFastP
46336009H-FRNLXWide336Tau 2.835°x 27°9mmFastR
46336009H-SCNLXWide336Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmSlowC
46336009H-SINLXWide336Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmSlowI
46336009H-SPNLXWide336Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmSlowP
46336009H-SRNLXWide336Tau 2.835°x 27°9mmSlowR
46336013H-FINLXWide336Tau 2.825°x 19°13mmFastI
46336013H-FPNLXWide336Tau 2.825°x 19°13mmFastP
46336013H-FRNLXWide336Tau 2.825°x 19°13mmFastR
46336013H-SPNLXWide336Tau 2.825°x 19°13mmSlowP
46336013H-SINLXWide336Tau 2.825°x 19°13mmSlowI
46336013H-SRNLXWide336Tau 2.825°x 19°13mmSlowR
46336019H-FCNLXWide336Tau 2.817°x 13°19mmFastC
46336019H-FINLXWide336Tau 2.817°x 13°19mmFastI
46336019H-FPNLXWide336Tau 2.817°x 13°19mmFastP
46336019H-FRNLXWide336Tau 2.817°x 13°19mmFastR
46336019H-SCNLXWide336Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmSlowC
46336019H-SINLXWide336Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmSlowI
46336019H-SPNLXWide336Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmSlowP
46336019H-SRNLXWide336Tau 2.817°x 13°19mmSlowR
46336025H-FINLXNarrow336Tau 2.813°x 10°25mmFastI
46336025H-FPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.813°x 10°25mmFastP
46336025H-FRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.813°x 10°25mmFastR
46336025H-SINLXNarrow336Tau 2.813°x 10°25mmSlowI
46336025H-SPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.813°x 10°25mmSlowP
46336025H-SRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.813°x 10°25mmSlowR
46336035H-FINLXNarrow336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmFastI
46336035H-FPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmFastP
46336035H-FRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmFastR
46336035H-SINLXNarrow336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmSlowI
46336035H-SPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmSlowP
46336035H-SRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmSlowR
46336050H-FINLXNarrow336Tau 2.86.5°x 5.0°50mmFastI
46336050H-FPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.86.5°x 5.0°50mmFastP
46336050H-FRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.86.5°x 5.0°50mmFastR
46336050H-SINLXNarrow336Tau 2.86.5°x 5.0°50mmSlowI
46336050H-SPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.86.5°x 5.0°50mmSlowP
46336050H-SRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.86.5°x 5.0°50mmSlowR
46336060H-FCNLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmFastC
46336060H-FINLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmFastP
46336060H-FPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmFastP
46336060H-FRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmFastR
46336060H-SCNLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmSlowC
46336060H-SPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmSlowP
46336060H-SINLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmSlowI
46336060H-SRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.85.5°x 4.2°60mmSlowR
46336100H-FINLXNarrow336Tau 2.83.3°x 2.5°100mmFastI
46336100H-FPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.83.3°x 2.5°100mmFastP
46336100H-FRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.83.3°x 2.5°100mmFastR
46336100H-SRNLXNarrow336Tau 2.83.3°x 2.5°100mmSlowR
46336100H-SPNLXNarrow336Tau 2.83.3°x 2.5°100mmSlowP
46336100H-SINLXNarrow336Tau 2.83.3°x 2.5°100mmSlowI
46336W35H-FINLXWide336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmFastI
46336W35H-FPNLXWide336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmFastP
46336W35H-FRNLXWide336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmFastR
46336W35H-SINLXWide336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmSlowI
46336W35H-SPNLXWide336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmSlowP
46336W35H-SRNLXWide336Tau 2.89.3°x 7.1°35mmSlowR

Tau 640 Series Camera Options

Part NumberLensResVersionFOVEFLRateGrade
46640001N-SCNLXNo Lens640Tau 2.8SlowC
46640001X-FINLXNo Lens640Tau 2.8FastI
46640001X-FPNLXNo Lens640Tau 2.8FastP
46640001X-FRNLXNo Lens640Tau 2.8FastR
46640001X-SINLXNo Lens640Tau 2.8SlowI
46640001X-SPNLXNo Lens640Tau 2.8SlowP
46640001X-SRNLXNo Lens640Tau 2.8SlowR
46640007H-FINLXWide640Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmFastI
46640007H-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmFastP
46640007H-FRNLXWide640Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmFastR
46640007H-SINLXWide640Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmSlowI
46640007H-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmSlowP
46640007H-SRNLXWide640Tau 2.890°x 69°7.5mmSlowR
46640009H-FCNLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmFastC
46640009H-FINLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmFastI
46640009H-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmFastP
46640009H-FRNLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmFastR
46640009H-SCNLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmSlowC
46640009H-SINLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmSlowI
46640009H-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmSlowP
46640009H-SRNLXWide640Tau 2.869°x 56°9mmSlowR
46640013H-FINLXWide640Tau 2.845°x 37° 13mmFastI
46640013H-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.845°x 37° 13mmFastP
46640013H-FRNLXWide640Tau 2.845°x 37° 13mmFastR
46640013H-SCNLXWide640Tau 2.845°x 37° 13mmSlowC
46640013H-SINLXWide640Tau 2.845°x 37° 13mmSlowI
46640013H-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.845°x 37° 13mmSlowP
46640013H-SRNLXWide640Tau 2.845°x 37° 13mmSlowR
46640019H-FCNLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmFastC
46640019H-FINLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmFastI
46640019H-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmFastP
46640019H-FRNLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmFastR
46640019H-SCNLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmSlowC
46640019H-SINLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmSlowI
46640019H-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmSlowP
46640019H-SRNLXWide640Tau 2.832°x 26°19mmSlowR
46640025H-FINLXNarrow640Tau 2.825°x 20°25mmFastI
46640025H-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.825°x 20°25mmFastP
46640025H-FRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmFastR
46640025H-SCNLXNarrow640Tau 2.825°x 20°25mmSlowC
46640025H-SINLXNarrow640Tau 2.825°x 20°25mmSlowI
46640025H-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.825°x 20°25mmSlowP
46640025H-SRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmSlowR
46640035H-FCNLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmFastC
46640035H-FINLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmFastI
46640035H-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmFastP
46640035H-FRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmFastR
46640035H-SCNLXNarrow640Tau 2.825°x 20°35mmSlowC
46640035H-SINLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmSlowI
46640035H-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmSlowP
46640035H-SRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmSlowR
46640050H-FINLXNarrow640Tau 2.812°x 9.9°50mmFastI
46640050H-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.812°x 9.9°50mmFastP
46640050H-FRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.812°x 9.9°50mmFastR
46640050H-SINLXNarrow640Tau 2.812°x 9.9°50mmSlowI
46640050H-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.812°x 9.9°50mmSlowP
46640050H-SRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.812°x 9.9°50mmSlowR
46640060H-FCNLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmFastC
46640060H-FINLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmFastI
46640100H-FINLXNarrow640Tau 2.86.2°x 5.0°100mmFastI
46640100H-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.86.2°x 5.0°100mmFastP
46640100H-FRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.86.2°x 5.0°100mmFastR
46640100H-SINLXNarrow640Tau 2.86.2°x 5.0°100mmSlowI
46640100H-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.86.2°x 5.0°100mmSlowP
46640100H-SRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.86.2°x 5.0°100mmSlowR
46640W35H-FINLXWide640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmFastI
46640W35H-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmFastP
46640W35H-FRNLXWide640Tau 2.825°x 20°25mmFastR
46640W35H-SINLXWide640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmSlowI
46640W35H-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.818°x 14°35mmSlowP
46640W35H-SRNLXWide640Tau 2.825°x 20°25mmSlowR
46640060H-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmFastP
46640060H-FRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmFastR
46640060H-SCNLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmSlowC
46640060H-SINLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmSlowI
46640060H-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmSlowP
46640060H-SRNLXNarrow640Tau 2.810.4°x 8.3°60mmSlowR
46640001NS-FPNLXNo Lens or TS640Tau 2.9FastP
46640001NS-SPNLXNo Lens or TS640Tau 2.9SlowP
46640001XS-FPNLXNo Lens640Tau 2.9FastP
46640001XS-SPNLXNo Lens640Tau 2.9SlowP
46640007HS-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.990°x 69°7.5mmFastP
46640007HS-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.990°x 69°7.5mmSlowP
46640009HS-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.969°x 56°9mmFastP
46640009HS-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.969°x 56°9mmSlowP
46640013HS-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.945°x 37° 13mmFastP
46640013HS-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.945°x 37° 13mmSlowP
46640019HS-FPNLXWide640Tau 2.932°x 26°19mmFastP
46640019HS-SPNLXWide640Tau 2.932°x 26°19mmSlowP
46640025HS-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.925°x 20°25mmFastP
46640025HS-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.925°x 20°25mmSlowP
46640035HS-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.918°x 14°35mmFastP
46640035HS-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.918°x 14°35mmSlowP
46640050HS-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.912°x 9.9°50mmFastP
46640050HS-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.912°x 9.9°50mmSlowP
46640060HS-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.910.4°x 8.3°60mmFastP
46640060HS-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.910.4°x 8.3°60mmSlowP
46640100HS-FPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.96.2°x 5.0°100mmFastP
46640100HS-SPNLXNarrow640Tau 2.96.2°x 5.0°100mmSlowP

FLIR Tau 2 Lens Options

Part NumberLensVersion
322-0232-02Lens 6.8mm, f/1.3 Lens Cell for Tau 2 336
322-0452-02Lens7.5mm, f/1.2 Lens Cell for all Tau 2 cameras
322-0139-02Lens9mm, f/1.25 Lens Cell for Tau 2 336 (WFOV)
322-0455-02Lens9mm, f/1.4 Lens Cell for Tau 2 640 WFOV
322-0141-02Lens13mm, f/1.25 Lens Cell for all WFOV Tau 2 cameras
322-0143-02Lens19mm, f/1.25 Lens Cell for all WFOV Tau 2 cameras
322-0160-02Lens25mm, f/1.1 Lens for all NFOV Tau 2 cameras
322-0169-02Lens35mm, f/1.2 Lens for all NFOV Tau 2 cameras
322-0170-02Lens50mm, f/1.2 Lens for all NFOV Tau 2 cameras
322-0191-02Lens35mm f/1.5 WFOV Lens Cell for Tau 2 cameras
322-0133-02Lens60mm, f/1.25 Lens for NFOV Tau 2 cameras
322-0208-02Lens60mm, f/1.25 Lens, Atherm, HC, for NFOV Tau 2 cameras
322-0118-02Lens100mm, f/1.6 Lens for all NFOV Tau 2 cameras
261-1466-00Lens HolderTau 2 WFOV Lens Holder (Doghouse, for 46- & 66-)
261-2124-00Lens HolderTau 2 WFOV Lens Holder, Compact Iris Shutter (for 48-)
261-2163-00Lens HolderTau 2 W35 Lens Holder (Doghouse, for 46- & 66-)
261-2164-00Lens HolderTau 2 W35 Lens Holder, Compact Iris Shutter (for 48-)
261-1487-00Lens HolderTau 2 NFOV Lens Holder, cast (Doghouse, for 46- & 66-)
261-2125-00Lens HolderTau 2 NFOV Lens Holder, Compact Iris Shutter (for 48-)
261-1486-00Lens HolderClamp Ring for Tau 2 NFOV Lens Holders
421-0037-00Lens FocusTau 2 WFOV Lens Focus Tool
421-0041-00Lens FocusTau 2 WFOV Lens Locking Nut
421-0042-00Lens FocusTau 2 WFOV Lens Locking Nut Tool

FLIR Tau 2 Thermal Camera Accessories

Part NumberTypeDescription
102-PS220-69Expansion BoardXP Board Reference Design
110-0142-16SDKTau 2 SDK for Windows & Embedded
261-1467-00Replicator Board CoverPhoton Replicator Board Cover
261-2071-00Tripod MountTau 2 Tripod Mount Adapter
285-0029-02Blackbody12V 4” Blackbody for Gain Cal & Supplemental FFC
421-0037-00Lens FocusTau 2 WFOV Lens Focus Tool
421-0039-00VPCVideo, Power Control (VPC) Module
421-0040-00Photon Replicator BoardPhoton Replicator Board for Tau 2
421-0041-00Lens FocusTau 2 WFOV Lens Locking Nut
421-0042-00Lens FocusTau 2 WFOV Lens Locking Nut Tool

FLIR Tau 2 Starter Kit (TSK)

Part NumberTypeDescription
421-0051-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau 2 Starter Kit (TSK), complete, c/o
250-0487-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - Tau 2 / Quark 2 Development PCB, only
261-2071-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - Tripod Adapter, only
421-0037-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - WFOV Lens Focus Tool, only
421-0039-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - Tau 2 VPC Module, only
421-0040-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - Photon Replicator Board, only
421-0041-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - WFOV Lens Locking Nut, only
421-0042-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - WFOV Lens Locking Nut Tool, only
308-0238-00Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - Cable Assembly, only
4133310Tau 2 Starter KitTau Starter Kit - USB Drive, only
500-0426-00VPCVPC Module only (no cables)
4115262Cable6-foot MCX-to-BNC Cable

FLIR Tau SWIR Camera Options

Part NumberDescriptionECCN
43-ICATTau SWIR Commercial6A003.b.4.a
43-IPATTau SWIR Performance6A003.b.4.a
43-IIATTau SWIR Industrial6A003.b.4.a

FLIR Tau 2 SWIR Thermal Camera Accessories

421-0059-00VPC Accessory KitEAR99
421-0058-00Camera Link Accessory KitEAR99
261-2071-00Tripod Mount AdapterEAR99
308-0268-00TEC Power CableEAR99

US Export Compliance for Thermal Imagers

As a global trade compliant product, there is paperwork to complete and submit prior to the purchase of a number of FLIR Tau 2 Infrared Thermal Camera products.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff who can answer any questions you have, and also to step you through the process.

FLIR Tau 2 Thermal Camera Module Technical Specifications

IR Resolution640 × 480 (NTSC); 640 × 512 (PAL)
Pixel Size17 µm
Frame Rate Options30/60 Hz (NTSC) 25/50 Hz (PAL)
Thermal Sensitivity/NETDIndustrial: <30mK Performance: <50 mK Commercial: <60mK
Scene Temperature Range-25°C to +100°C
-40°C to +550°C
Temperature MeasurementImproved accuracy, moveable spot meter, image metric data, T-Linear (digital output) AR requires a separate calibration that must be performed during camera manufacture. The AR capability is captured in the camera part number. An additional fee is charged for this feature.
Scene Temperature Range-25°C to +100°C
-40°C to +550°C
Thermal Sensitivity/NETDIndustrial: <30mK Performance: <50 mK Commercial: <60mK
Time to Image<4.0 sec
Temperature MeasurementImproved accuracy, moveable spot meter, image metric data, T-Linear (digital output) AR requires a separate calibration that must be performed during camera manufacture. The AR capability is captured in the camera part number. An additional fee is charged for this feature.
Array format640 × 480 (NTSC); 640 × 512 (PAL)
BT656 (8-bit)Yes
Camera Link (Expansion Bus Accessory Module)Yes
CMOS (14-bit or 8-bit)Yes
Color and Monochrome Palettes (LUTs)Yes
Continuous Electronic Zoom2x- 4x
Digital Detail EnhancementYes
Discrete I/O Controls AvailableYes (10-camera minimum)
Dynamic Range SwitchingYes
Factory Optimized VideoYes
Field of View3.3° x 2.5° 0.170 mr
Flat-Field Correction (FFC) Duration<0.5 sec
FPA - Digital Video Display Format336 x 256
Frame Rate Options30/60 Hz (NTSC) 25/50 Hz (PAL)
Hyperfocal Depth of Field80m
Hyperfocal Distance160m
Image OptimizationYes
Invert/Revert (analog and 8-bit digital)Yes
IR Resolution640 × 480 (NTSC); 640 × 512 (PAL)
LVDS (14-bit or 8-bit)Yes
Minimum Focus Distance7m
NTSC/PAL (field switchable)Yes
Pixel Size17 µm
Polarity Control [black hot & white hot]Yes
Settable Splash ScreensYes (10-camera minimum)
Slow Video Option [factory configured]Yes
Spectral Band7.5 - 13.5 µm
Spot MeterTemperatures measured in central 4×4
SymbologyYes, single-pixel resolution (256 gray and 256 color)
Thermal ImagerUncooled VOx Microbolometer
External Sync Input/OutputYes
RS-232 Compatible Communication57,600 & 921,600 baud
User Configurability via SDK & GUIYes
Electrical Interface50-pin Hirose
Input Voltage4.0 - 6.0 VDC
Power Dissipation [steady state]approx. 1.0 W
Power Reduction Switch [disables analog video]Yes
Lensed & Lensless Configurations AvailableYes
Mounting FeaturesM34x0.5 inside thread.
Precision Mounting Holes [M2x0.4] on 3 sides [2 per side]Yes
Sealable Bulkhead Mounting FeatureYes
Size (w/o lens)1.75" x 1.75" x 1.18"/ 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.18" (Compact)
Humidity5% - 95% non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +80°C (Industrial & Performance) -20°C to +65°C (Commercial)
Operational Altitude+40,000 feet
Shock200g shock pulse w/ 11 msec sawtooth
Temperature Shock5°/min
Vibration4.3g three axis, 8 hr each

FLIR Tau 2 Product Datasheet

FLIR Tau 2 Series Longwave Infrared Thermal Camera Module Datasheet

OEM Camera Applications

FLIR PathFindIR II Driver Vision Enhancement Review

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