FLIR Vue TZ20-R Radiometric Thermal Zoom Drone Camera


    Unmatched thermal zoom performance and clarity at 5×, 10×, and 20×


    Dual Bosons provide 4× more radiometric pixels on target at every zoom level versus all competitors.


    Plug and play with DJI Matrice 300, DJI V2 Matrice 200 series, and post-process reporting software.



FLIR Vue TZ20-R High Resolution Thermal Zoom Drone Payload

The Vue TZ20-R features two Boson thermal cameras that put four times more pixels on target at every zoom level versus all competition and it offers an unmatched 20x zoom capability.

The radiometric thermal zoom drone payload enables DJI V2 Matrice 200 series and 300 pilots to see and measure thermal details, increasing the value and extending the lifetime of their drone fleet.

Utility, roofing, solar farm, and other industrial inspectors can zoom into objects of interest, identify them with unmatched clarity, and take and record radiometric temperature measurements, all from a safe standoff distance.

Emergency response pilots in search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, and public safety can search for and observe in silence while using the thermal zoom to reduce false positives and make critical decisions faster with the affordable Vue TZ20-R.

The combination of performance-leading thermal zoom and radiometry enables more efficient missions with faster search, silent surveillance, and safer stand-off inspections.


Search and Inspect More Area in Less Time

  • Unmatched thermal zoom performance and clarity at 5x, 10x, and 20x
  • Simple power-in/video-out interface over a 10-pin mini-USB connector
  • Scan and survey large areas with a wide, 95-degree field of view (FOV)
  • Zoom in quickly with narrower, 18-degree FOV and additional digital zoom levels
  • Use battery power more efficiently


Safely and Accurately Measure Temperature from Farther Away

  • Dual Bosons provide 4x more radiometric pixels on target at every zoom level versus all competitors
  • Simple power-in/video-out interface over a 10-pin mini-USB connector
  • Measure accurate thermal detail with 640 x 512 resolution Boson thermal camera modules
  • Set isotherms to automatically detect objects of interest
  • Utilise zoom to conduct a mission at a safe standoff distance


Mark More With Matrice

  • Plug and play with DJI Matrice 300, DJI V2 Matrice 200 series, and post-process reporting software
  • Simple power-in/video-out interface over a 10-pin mini-USB connector
  • Connect with Skyport V2.0 gimbal
  • Use in-app thermal features and record on dual microSD cards
  • Analyze thermal data in FLIR Thermal Studio and third-party applications


Radiometric Temperature Measurements

A radiometric thermal camera measures the temperature of a surface by interpreting the intensity of an infrared signal reaching the camera. This non-contact and non-destructive technique (NDT) gives users enormous advantages for many of their surface temperature measurement applications because it can be integrated into a FLIR drone package.

An unmanned aerial system (UAS) allows a drone operator to move and position the thermal camera to quickly make temperature measurements over large areas and in difficult or dangerous environments.

Drones fitted with an IR camera can measure:

  • the surface temperature of a heat exchanger on a roof
  • a faulty connection on a high voltage transmission line
  • solar cells in a solar panel
  • moisture content in large agricultural fields


Measuring Optically Opaque Materials

The ability to remotely sense temperature, as opposed to direct surface contact needs to factor in the surface and environmental conditions.

Radiometric measurements are best used on optically opaque materials such as metals and organic materials. Zirconia oxides, zinc sulfide glass, and sapphire glass are semi-translucent to infrared heat so radiometric measurements must account for the total volumetric and through-plane temperature of these materials. This significantly increases the complexity of the analysis.


FLIR Vue TZ20-R Technical Specifications

Airframe CapatibilityDJI V2 Matrice 200-series and Matrice 300
Ground ControlDJI Pilot App
Electrical InterfaceSkyport 2.0, 13.6V/2A
Environmental SealingIP44
Operational & Storage TemperatureOperational: -20° to 45°C (-4° to 113°F) Storage: -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)
Tested EMI PerformanceFCC part 15 Class B
Gimbal Range of Motion3-axis Pitch: 30° to -120° Yaw: ±270°
IR Camera OpticsWide FOV: 95° HFOV, 4.9 mm EFL Narrow FOV: 18° HFOV, 24 mm EFL
IR Camera Resolution2 FLIR Boson 640 × 512
Radiometric FeaturesSpot meter, measurement box with min/max/avg Isotherms above or below threshold temperature
Streaming Video640 × 512 @ 25 Hz
Thermal Sensitivity85 mK @ F/1.0
Mechanical InterfaceSkyport 2.0 connector, X-Port DJI gimbal
Radiometric AccuracyAccuracy: ±5C / 5% for scenes +10C to +100C Scene dynamic range: -10C to +300C
Pixel Pitch12 µm LWIR
RecordingStill: Radiometric JPEG, raw TIFF Periodic capture 1s – 30s interval, all still image formats Video
MPEG 25Hz (zoomed)
Radiometric CSQ 5Hz (zoomed)
Raw multipage TIFF 10Hz (wide and narrow FOV separate)


US Export Compliance for Thermal Imagers

As a global trade compliant product, there is paperwork to complete and submit prior to the purchase of a FLIR Vue TZ20-R Radiometric Drone IR Camera.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff who can answer any questions you have, and step you through the process.


FLIR Vue TZ20-R Product Datasheet

FLIR Vue TZ20-R Radiometric Gimbaled Drone Thermal Camera Datasheet

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