FLIR PathFindIR II Driver Vision Enhancement Review

best thermal camera for driving at night queensland

Hi, it’s Grant from GTEK Infrared. Today we’re going to be talking about the Teledyne FLIR PathFindIR II night vision camera system. The PF II is a long wave infrared camera that does not require light to see obstacles on the road. This camera is ideal for hazardous night time driving, and when there is […]

FLIR PathFindIR II Unboxing and Set Up Video

Unboxing FLIR PathFindIR Night Vision Camera

Hi, it’s Grant from GTEK Infrared, your thermal camera experts in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Today we are unboxing the FLIR PathFindIR II, or PF II vision enhancement vehicle mounted system. We will also give you some vehicle installation tips. If you are new to the PF II thermal camera and haven’t had the […]