Leak detection

The above image shows that water leaks in caravans are hard to see with the naked eye. However, with the right thermal imaging camera, they can not only be promptly detected but the extent of the ingress/ damage of the leak can be better assessed for repair. 

The above image is a prime is an example that the origin of a leak can be hard to find.

The customer’s complaint was that water was coming from the bathroom into the bedroom.

The water was, in fact, coming from the above unit in the kitchen area running through the ceiling downs the walls, and into the bedroom.

Thermal imaging not only identified the origin of the water leak but the true extent of the water damage. 

The third image displayed shows the point of entry in the kitchen ceiling. 

In the above image, the shower hob is leaking, easily detected by using thermal imaging. 

Sealing off the drain and filling the hob with hot water we are able to use a thermal imaging camera to detect the leak saving time and leading to a more accurate diagnosis. 

This was a two-story unit, the customer had water entry on the bottom floor.

The survey showed there was a substantial leak in the roof, with the water running down the walls.

The use of thermal imaging turned what was an unresolved situation into a conclusive one in a timely matter. 

Below are some cameras we recommend for leak detection

GTEK Infrared supply a full range of thermal imaging cameras, to suit everyone’s budget and application. We offer training on the use of our products and can be contacted for a demonstration (condition apply).

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