FLIR TG167 Imaging IR Thermometer

FLIR TG167 Imaging IR Thermometer

FLIR TG167 Imaging IR Thermometer

The FLIR TG167 Spot Thermal Cameras bridge the gap

between single spot infrared thermometers and FLIR’s legendary thermal cameras.



FLIR TG167 Imaging IR Thermometer

 Equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton® micro thermal sensor, these cameras let you see the heat so you know exactly where to target the measurement spot. Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting, and store images and data to show customers and include in reports.

The FLIR TG167 Imaging Infrared Thermometer combines a highly accurate infrared thermometer with proven FLIR thermal camera technology. The result is a thermometer that not only provides repeatable temperature readings, but even helps you find the best spot to take the measurement. With a regular IR thermometer (or spot temp gun), you are left to estimate the best location for the measurement. With the FLIR TG167 you can visualize the hot and cold areas of your target, then decide where to test based on better information. Having better information yields more accurate testing, resulting in better diagnostics and repairs. Let the TG167 take the guesswork out of temperature testing.


The FLIR TG167 incorporates both an infrared thermometer and a thermal camera into the face of the instrument. The thermal camera is the now familiar FLIR Lepton sensor, with a resolution of 80 x 60, or 4800 total pixels. While not the resolution you would get in a full-featured thermal camera, it proves quite sufficient for locating nearby hot spots. Affixed to the thermal detector is a new, narrower lens than the one found on the otherwise identical FLIR TG165 Imaging Thermometer. The new lens of the FLIR TG167 captures a smaller field of any given target, but yields greater detail. This can be advantageous when imaging from farther away, or when close targets are rather small.

Temperature Measurement

Once the best location is determined with the thermal camera, the built in infrared thermometer of the FLIR TG167 handles surface temperature measurements. With an impressive 1.5% accuracy, and the ability to dial in the emissivity according to your target material, the TG167 delivers top notch non-contact measurements. To aid in precise targeting, dual lasers are incorporated which mark the area being measured. Furthermore, the target area is marked on the infrared screen with center spot crosshair. The TG167 can measure temperatures from -13 to 716 °F (-25 to 380 °C).

Image Download

Because a picture might say it better than numbers in a report, the FLIR TG167 can store up to 75,000 images to its 8GB SD card. Capture an image by holding down the trigger to reveal the twin lasers, then releasing the trigger when you are ready to store a picture. All images are stored as a bmp file, with no radiometric data. Files in bmp format are easily imported into almost all software, including image management and word processing software. Easily download your images with the included USB cable, or by removing the SD card and transferring it to your computer.


An internal lithium-ion battery will power the FLIR TG167 for up to 8 hours of continuous use, or many days of typical usage. Charging is handled through the same USB port as image download, so that you only need to carry one cable for multiple tasks. The TG167 is wrapped in heavy duty rubberized plastic, and will withstand a 6 foot drop or light dust and mist. From locating the problems with the thermal camera, to measuring with the infrared thermometer, the FLIR TG167 delivers the knowledge you need to make the best decisions.

Key Features

  • Thermal camera plus infrared thermometer
  • Narrow 25 degree lens
  • Temperature measurement range -13 to 716 °F (-25 to 380 °C)
  • 80 x 60 image resolution, 4,800 pixels
  • Sensitivity of 0.15 °C
  • Dual targeting lasers

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