TA55 AC Current Line splitter

TA55 AC Current Line splitter



TA55 AC Current Line splitter

The FLIR TA55 AC Current Line Splitter enables technicians to quickly and safely measure current or voltage readings from two or three wire outlets. The TA55 separates the live conducting wire from the neutral wire for more accurate current measurement. Dual ranges (1x or 10x) increases sensitivity for low-amp readings and recessed voltage testing inputs make the TA55 a great tool for electricians.

Product Features:

  • Provides easy and safe measurements of current and voltage from two or three wire outlets
  • Plugging the power connector into the line splitter separates the hot/live conductor from the neutral (and ground) for accurate current measurement
  • Dual ranges (x1 and x10) for higher resolution on low-amperage readings
  • Built-in recessed voltage testing inputs

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