FLIR IR Inspection Windows

Inspection Windows

Compatible with All Thermal Cameras



FLIR IR Windows 

FLIR IR Inspection Windows above all, certainly are safer and more efficient when doing Electrical Inspections, and are compliant with NFPA 7OE requirements.
Risk mitigation-eliminates the chance for arc flashes as the need to open an enclosure is reduced significantly, the fault can be identified whilst maintaining a higher level of safety.
Broadband Crystal Lens encased in a rugged, anodized aluminium frame, perfect for indoor or outdoor inspections.
Easy PIRma-Lock™ Installation, no screw holes reducing the chance of holes being stripped out, inside panel teeth lock tight, importantly metal components are grounded.
Quick Access Permanent Hinged Cover easy flip open hatch

Inspections times are reduced, greater productivity as one person is required instead of 3

No Isolation required.