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GTEK Infrared is an Infrared Training Centre (ITC) Licenced Training Provider. We provide half day training course covering IR fundamentals and thermal camera operation.

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IR Fundamentals Training Cost

This entry level course costs $399 (inc. GST). 

There is no charge if you have purchased a thermal camera through GTEK Infrared.

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Attendee Details

Course Trainer

Grant Law trains, educates, and certifies professional users of thermal infrared systems. He is the IR fundamentals course trainer and also delivers GTEK Infrared’s Level 1 ITC thermography training.

Grant gained his ISO 18436-7 certified Instructor Level 1 and Category 2 Thermographer qualifications from the Infrared Training Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Course Location

Brisbane International Virginia
21 Zillmere Road
Boondall, Qld 4034

If you have a thermal camera, please bring it along. GTEK also has a range of FLIR thermal cameras that you can trial during the training.

Course Duration

This course runs from 8am to 12pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early as the door shuts at 8am.

Cancellation of Attendance

This is a catered course. Please notify us no later than one week before the course date if you book and are then not able to make it. No refunds are provided unless we receive this notice.

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Half-Day Training Course Overview

The half day infrared fundamentals training course provides a good mix of practical and theory including:

Infrared Physics

IR Camera Exercises

Camera Training

Operating FLIR Cameras Hand On

Operating FLIR Cameras Hand On

IR Camera Exercises

Spot / Distance Ratio Software